What Makes Our Cider Special?

Our ciders are crafted in small batches (275 gallons or less) from fresh pressed juice. We purchase unfiltered, raw juice from Apple Hill, near Tahoe. Each batch contains a different blend of apples, sometimes up to nine different types! We do not add any funny business- no sulfites, fining agents, artificial ingredients- only real fruit and ingredients. Once our cider has finished fermenting, we do not filter. Full bodied and super drinkable, sometimes cloudy, sometimes bright. Because of our techniques, each cider we release will be a little different from the last cider released. We enjoy variety and the art of making cider and hope you’ll appreciate our small batches as much as we do!

Unless otherwise noted, our ciders are DRY and by dry, we actually mean dry. We will never back-sweeten (add juice or sugar back in to the finished cider), and tell you it’s a dry cider. We’ll call this a “semi-dry” or “off-dry.” All you freaks that like the sweet stuff, don’t worry, we’re working on one for ya. 

All of our ciders are: gluten-free, unfiltered, unpasteurized, no added sulfites, raw, living, vegan, unfiltered, pure and honest. 

Straight-Up Oakland Dry 

Our standard go-to cider for our Oakland fam. Born in a basement and now living in the heart of Uptown, this cider is a straight-up as you can get. Fermented apple juice and yeast. Yep, two ingredients. We’re pretty sure Uncle John and Uncle Peter started their brandy with the same sort of pure cider. We also occasionally have a session version of this cider.

Ginger Bomb

Okay, so when this cider made its original debut, the ginger was a real kick in the mouth, hence the name. As we’ve continued to develop the recipe, it has since mellowed, but the name stuck. Light and refreshing with fresh ginger on the nose and a subtle ginger finish, this cider is for ginger lovers and haters alike.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Seriously, you can’t stop and you won’t stop…drinking this cider! Fermented with raspberries, this dry cider is gonna blow your mind. Warm raspberry on the nose with a light, barely there, pink tint and a subtle fruity taste. We love fruit, but are not a fan of sugar, so we don’t add any juice back to this cider so it won’t disappoint those of you looking for some flavor without sugar!

Hella Hip Hopped

Growing up listening to Tupac, Biggie, Two Short…and others, our Hella Hip Hopped cider pays homage to the days of 90’s-early 2000’s hip hop. We infused this cider with fresh hops sometimes, other times we use pelleted hops or dried hops. Just depends on what taste we’re going for. But one thing we promise, this is not an IPA. These hops don’t burn and you’ll always get a nice citrus-y aroma on the nose.

Yes Please!

Fermented with 400lbs of Satsuma Mandarin, this seasonal dry “cider-mosa” will have you saying, “Yes please!” With warm butterscotch aromas followed with a sharp citrusy bite, this cider goes down way too easily. The citrus really shines through initially and a tart finish on the back of the palate. A great alternative to actual mimosas and makes a mean mixer to create an actual cider-mosa.


Our uncles were apprehended MANY times during and after prohibition. This seasonal cider is named for their unfortunate circumstances and pays homage to the stone fruit that ripens on the branch each summer. We blend apricots with our apple juice for this comfortably seasonal session-ish cider.  Sharp and fruity on the nose, the apricot combines perfectly with the apples to create a super balanced and subtle flavor that will have you hoping you don’t get “apri-hended”!


Thanks to our tasting room, we have lots of fun playing with ingredients and ciders. Stay tuned for details on past releases and future flavors that will have you asking for more.